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    We are bringing competition to the spectating of eSports, and we want your help! Watch streams, place wagers using Wager Points™ on featured matches against us or other users, and then use your winnings to get prizes. The best part? It’s free! So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up and join the fun!

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We incorporate Twitch.tv into our site, so you won't miss any of the action while watching your favorite streams! Interact with other users through our chat system. Find someone who you want to challenge? Open up a Head-2-Head™ Wager and make them put their money where their mouse is!


You earn Wager Points™ when you create a Game-Wagers account.  Place wagers on featured matches against Game-Wagers or in Head-2-Head™ challenges. There will be set odds on our offered matches. In Head-2-Head™ wagers, we leave it up to you! (minimum/maximum limits). Next, collect your winnings and trade in your Wager Points™ for prizes!


Redeem your Wager Points™ for Partner Prizes and drawings.  We offer many different prize options that vary in Wager Point cost. Get a prize right away, save for that big item, or enter a drawing and win a big prize for a lot less - it is up to you!