Handling Bluetooth “dropouts” on Chrome OS

A handy script to easily reset the Bluetooth controller on Chromebook devices

I love my Chromebook, a Lenovo X131e.

I also love my Bluetooth mouse.

I do NOT love when the Bluetooth controller becomes inoperable on my Chromebook, preventing the use of my mouse (and any other Bluetooth devices, as well).

It seems that, sometimes, the Bluetooth controller “hard locks”; typically, the only way to recover from this scenario would be a total reboot. A full reboot is quite a pain, especially while working with a lot of open windows/tabs.

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Arduino MKR1000 Pinout Diagram

Inspired by the beautiful pinout diagrams available for other Arduino products, such as the UnoMega 2560Due, etc. — I wanted one for the MKR1000 — but was confronted by the absence of any.

So I took matters into my own hands; I took the base image of the MKR1000 from the Arduino website, imported it into Microsoft Visio 2016, and went to town.

This is the result:

Arduino MKR1000 - Pinout Diagram

Download the PDF

Download the source Visio file